Anthea left her corporate job in the UK in order to seek out new adventures and explore the world with Steve. She describes herself as a ‘middle aged millennial’ and now runs her own digital marketing agency. ¬†Anthea loves beaches, animals, talking about herself in the third person and oh yeah, cocktails.



Hi, I’m Steve, and I had a few failed attempts at leaving the UK before finally getting it right! These attempts included a year in Toronto, Canada, on a Working Holiday Visa, which didn’t quite go to plan, and then having to return home from Spain twice due to financial circumstances (As in, there were no finances left…). A lover of the laid back Mediterranean lifestyle, I previously funded my travel bug by teaching english online, but have become an expert at matched betting which is now my primary income. I drink far too much coffee, never leave the house without my kindle, and I will fall in love with every dog or puppy I see without any hesitation.

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