June 2018: Travel update

It's hard to believe we're already at the end of June and our Mexico adventure is nearly done. Almost, but not quite. More on that in a moment! From now on, we want to start keeping these monthly travel updates so A. we're not constantly repeating ourselves to...

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Workaway – A ‘How to’ Guide

First off, If you’re unsure what Workaway is, start here first and then come back... I’ll wait.       Ready? Ok, great!       In my prior post I spoke about what workaway is and how it works, but there are obviously many variables as to what accounts for a ‘good’...

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What is ‘Workaway’?

Workaway: What it is & Other FAQ:   First things first, this isn’t an affiliated post, and the thoughts and opinions you read here are all my own, uninfluenced by anyone except maybe Anthea! People often ask Anthea and I about our current plans, and how we manage...

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Day Trip to Vallarta Botanical Gardens

I love a good garden. Maybe it's a sign of my age (shhh!) but I can't think of a nicer way to spend a day than wandering around looking at beautiful plants and flowers. Unless it's a day that involves birds too, then I'm really in heaven! So you can imagine how...

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Becoming Digital Nomads

'You do what?' is a question we get asked A LOT. I remember very clearly people's expressions when I told them I was quitting my career to go traveling and work remotely. Surprise, confusion, 'wow' and a bit of 'you're bonkers' thrown in for good measure. Even now,...

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Mexico’s Fawlty Towers?

Our first few days in Mexico have passed quickly and without incident, well, apart from the first time we decided to take the bus and a man with clown face paint got on and started shouting in Spanish. My heart literally stopped until I realised he was just a...

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